New Class Rule

A big thanks to Michael Golding who worked with Geoff at the Wooden Boatshop to look at the ways to sustainably re-purpose Couta Boat sails.

There are quite a few boats that get new sails each season yet the old set are in some cases much better than those on other boats. – Michael and Geoff worked out the best ways to cut them down to fit a smaller boat as simply,  efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Based on their work the Technical Committee proposed a limited change to class rules which the CBA Committee approved.

Here’s the new rule

12.29 Re-cutting used sails: permitted variations.
Recut mainsails must comply with all the class rules; however, if a sail has genuinely been used for a season on another Couta Boat these modifications are permitted
  • Non conformance with the batten spacing requirements as per class rule 12.8 is permitted provided that 3 of the original pockets remain. The 4th or 1st batten pocket may be spaced midway between the head or the clew and the closest batten. However they must not exceed 20% of the length of the foot of the sail.
  • The original reefing positions may be maintained, and a third reef must be added to ensure there are at least two reefing points that are not less than 15% of the allowable luff length specified in table 12.13
  • Recut sails must be re-measured before use.


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