1.         AUTHORITY

1.1.    These Rules are promulgated by authority of the Committee of the Couta Boat Association Inc (CBA) formerly known as Couta Boat Club Inc pursuant to Rules 37 and 39 of the rules of the CBA and shall have effect from the 1st August 2011.

Hereafter they shall be known as ‘the Rules’.

1.2.     In order to qualify to enter sailing events for Couta Boats a vessel must comply with the Rules and be on the CBA Race Register.

1.3.    In order to qualify to enter sailing events for Couta Boats and to use a C number the vessel must be a current financial member of the CBA.

1.4.    By submitting a racing entry, owners or their representatives declare that the vessel and its equipment will be available for inspection by the Class Measurer or relevant race administrators and that non-compliance with these Rules may result in a refusal of the race organising authority to accept a race entry or result.

1.5.    Each boat  owner shall make their boat available to  the  CBA Class Measurer who will provide the Committee with measurements for each boat intending to race to be entered in a Racing Register.  The Register will include those measurements necessary to determine a boat’s rig dimensions and maximum sail area determined in accordance with these Rules.  

1.6 These Rules having been revised on 1/10/2015 shall remain in force without change, until at least 31/7/2016 except in unforseen circumstances that require the Committee at the time to review them.