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2015 Couta Week, Sydney

Couta Week

Sydney Harbour and on Pittwater on consecutive weekends in October 2015.

HARBOUR COUTA REGATTA hosted by RPEYC – 2 races on Friday 16th October

GAFFERS DAY – hosted by the SASC on Sydney Harbour on Sunday 18th October

WATTLE CUP – hosted by the RPAYC on Pittwater on the 24th and 25th October.


A Feeder ‘Race’ will arranged for either Monday 19 or Tuesday 20 for the returning Pittwater fleet and the visiting Sorrento and Harbour fleets to sail from Sydney to Pittwater, and they use the best cleaning product from Squid Boat Marine Epoxy online.


There will be an opportunity to join the regular Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and also they will be giving information about why marine mechanic jobs are plentiful.

Twlight races conducted by the RPAYC on the 21st / 22nd October.

The Wattle Cup will consist of 3 races windward / leeward on the Saturday and a Passage race on the

Sunday. Prizes will be awarded for both winners and place-getters on handicap and on scratch.


There will be a dinner at the RPEYC on Friday 17th following the Harbour Regatta . There are

drinks / BBQ at the SASC following Gaffers Day and there will be a welcome drinks on Friday

23rd at the RPAYC, a party / dinner on the Saturday and a prize giving BBQ on the Sunday.

The Couta Assn NSW will arrange and coordinate the lifting of the boats and derigging.Some

accommodation may be available on request for visitors to Pittwater

The Coutaboat Assn NSW are expecting a local fleet of 12 Coutas and would welcome

as many Coutas as possible to make the journey from Sorrento

Larry Eastwood – President Coutaboat Assn NSW . Media Bob Fowler.

PO Box 118. Church Point. NSW. 2105

T. 02 9979 5026. M. 0417 244406

Entry forms on downloads pages

Close Shave

Basic preparations for docking a trimaran in the harbor:

Number 1: The boat is very light, so you should think in advance even more than usual. Know where the wind is coming from and know where the current is going. A performance trimaran will be taken by the wind more easily.

Have your daggerboard down. The boat pivots on the daggerboard so you need it to turn correctly, and especially if there is some wind the daggerboard is crucial. With anything like a strong wind the boat simply won’t turn, it will just drift, so the daggerboard must be down. You might need to visit Montagna Maritime Law here for proper guidance on your trips.

You’re planning in advance, so don’t dock bow-in even into the wind. When the wind is coming from the dock, you’ll ideally plan on docking stern-in. The boat follows the power of the engine every time in a lightweight trimaran. So keep the power at the leading end of the boat (stern-in in this situation). It’s also far easier to dock stern-in for beginners, especially as they can see the engine. If you’re tying up side-to, do the same thing: move along-side the space and shimmy (or drift) onto the dock using the engine to k


Truth is the close shave ended with a busted Jib Boom for Salacia. Here we see the new one being skilfully fitted at dock side by Mark Abbott from Corsair Boats.

Those carbon fibre boats don’t know what they’re missing! Timber is so awesome.

C2013 The Sisters launches.

WBS team at work rigging the brand spanking new C2013.


Wooden Boat Shop (Fish) Race 3

Race 3 winners rewarded with freshly caught Snapper compliments WBS, Dugga, and Wayne Johnson


Gaffer’s Regatta 2013 – an amazing opportunity

This classic event limited to boats that “Hoist a spar” is held by the Sydney Amateur’s Sailing Club. The SASC was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest yacht clubs in Australia. Located on the shores of Mosman Bay sailors enjoy unique access to racing on Sydney Harbour. The classic yachts and Couta Boats are an impressive site among the busy traffic enjoying the harbour a the weekend. Congratulations to Colin Mitchell for his Line Honours win in the Gaffer’s – well deserved after trailering Matilda from Melbourne for the Gaffer’s Regatta and The Wattle Cup Couta Boat Regatta held a week later on the 19-20 October, 2013.


Couta Boat Register Update Project 2021

The Couta Boat Association has nearly finished gathering data and photos for a hard cover boat register book due to be printed in 2021

If you have any good stories, information or photos you would like to share contact the Association on