2018 CBA AGM was a great event with Tim Phillips, Will Baillieu  and Dugga Beazley telling tales of the past.

The 2018 – 19 season is fast approaching and crews are now in boat maintenance mode.


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Couta Boat Association

"Nothing worth having comes easy" -Bobby Hollywood.
My 1955 Couta/netting boat was launched the year that I was born, so I must keep both of us in good condition.
Months ago during storms Gypsy's rudder was sent airborne then disappeared into Mornington harbour.
Through perseverance and part fluke I found it on the seabed and retrieved it. This weeks major chore is to return it to the stern of Gypsy so I can Motor it onto a trolley to be winched into the MYC yard for its annual paint and tart up.
The go kart tyres that I'm painting are to be used as old style fenders... stay tuned for further progress...
Robi Warden
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3 days ago


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Gypsy gets its fair share of attention at Mornington Fisherman's jetty, John Mc Coy shot this image using infra red film.

Fran Bainbridge created this artistic image of Gypsy last year....

Robi Warden

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Couta Boat Association

Zephyr and Duchess were launched last weekend.
It was nice to see Zephyr trundling down Main st Sorrento like the fishermen may have done in the old days.
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7 days ago

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