Sail Number tba
Location of Boat Not known
Owner’s Name
Built Year 1950’s ?
Builder Jones or McKenzie ?


On 2 Sep 2018, at 8:20 am, Tim P wrote:
Couta Boat Edie

This coutaboat she was on the Lorne jetty in the 1950s with all the other boats.

At that time she was owned by Arthur Todd who was Sid Todd’s son. Sid was the son of Walter Todd, they called him Kack, just about the most famous Queenscliff fishermen there was.

At one time Sid became very friendly with Peter Lock’s wife, this was when Peter was building the Huia for him, it was quite a tense time in Queenscliff and subsequently Peter gave up boatbuilding and went fishing, anyway that’s another story.

When Arthur had the Edie on the Lorne pier she had a Rugby engine with a belt start. Well Arthur had a kelpie named Digger and the dog used to go mad with barking when Arthur went to start the boat. One time the boat wouldn’t start and Arthur must’ve done his block a bit, picked the dog up and chucked it on the pier and said get home.

Dog apparently disappeared back to the fishermen shed where it used to guard the gear by sitting on it, wouldn’t let anyone near the gear.

My information has it that the boat went subsequently to Flinders on Westernport bay?

Another bit of a story is that Arthur had a truck, A model Ford, that he also called Edie, & and the fishermen stacked fish boxes all over it in the fish shed where it took some time for him to realise his truck was underneath.

Apparently Arthur married a girl down Lorne way called Edie ……..

Whatever happened to this boat I really have no idea, I think it will be lost in the shadows of history, all I can say is that a great many couta boats did go down the coast to south Australia when the crayfish industry opened up there after the war

I brought a number of them back from down that way Wattle, Rita, Alicia, Gena, Pearl, Joan & saw some wrecked ones there also.

To take a guess at the Edie’s orgins, I would say that she is probably a Jones or McKenzie boat, They only opened the Lorne fishery up in the 1930s that’s when they started to lift the boats onto the jetty with the big crane, but Edie does look like a old time boat though.

I’ll do some more research on her when I consult my late friend, Stan Evan’s book on the Couta Boats that fished out of port fairy, but I haven’t got a copy of his book with me here now.

Best regards

Tim Phillips



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