C15 Blondie

Sail Number C15
Location of Boat Sorrento
Owner’s Name Robert Christie, David Birkill and Sherram Slater
Built Year 1954
Builder J Savage & Sons Williamstown Vic


Purchased by Mark Bergin from Alan Luxmore 2003. Boat name was changed to BLONDIE from RONRICO.

Previous joint buyers Tony Cushen & Alan Luxmore bought RONRICO in 1985 from Brian Harris. Cushen sold out his share in 1993. RONRICO was then restored by the Wooden Boatshop in 1994. At this time of restoration, a centre plate case was fitted. A new Jiboom, spars and sails were replaced in 1999.

Engine problems in early 2006 called for a complete rebuild, including the replacement of the crankshaft. During her time on the hard, two planks were replaced after 50+ years of good service. The
condition appeared to be that the original planks might have been just a little too large and the years of swelling had resulted in bulging planks – thanks to the team at Nepean Boats
for getting BLONDIE back into shape 🙂

Robert Christie, David Birkill and Sherram Slater purchased her from Mark Bergin in 2017



Race Record

Division 2:  RONRICO raced sparingly prior to 1997-98.

Season 1998-99 :

  • 2nd Wooden Boat Shop Series
  • 4th Logan Portsea Cup
  • 1st Round Mud Island Race. HC P. Season 2005/6:
  • Line Honours KPMG Day


Blondie C15

Blondie C15

Blondie C15

Blondie C15

Blondie C15 Shelly Beach 2014

Blondie C15 KPMG day

Blondie C15 and new owners 2017

Boat Measurement in Detail

C15 Div 2
Hull LOA 26′
FWD (Fwd Mastface Fwd Stem) 8′
AFT (Aft Mast Aft Transom) 17′
BOBSTAY to waterline 2″
Sails LP (Luff perpendicular) 16′
Ballast Ballast Weight
Engine Yanmar
Compliant YES