Binny C1930

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Boat Details

Current Custodian:
Dugga Beazley


Early Years
Binny was constructed by J Savage & Sons at Williamstown in Melbourne and still bears the brass plaque with the Savage insignia. Built at 28 foot in length, she is aptly described as a classic 1930s carvel hull, gaff rigged, double-ended net boat. It is believed she was originally named Binnying.

After World War II, the Australian Government subsidised boat builders in Victoria to construct fishing vessels to meet the demands of the growing fishing industry. Double-enders were a particular design for those built at the top end of Port Phillip. Binny was built to this design.

Not until Port Melbourne fisherman Dugga Beazley sighted Binny on a swing mooring at Eastern Beach in Geelong in the 1960s, could her location be traced. Dugga suggests that she fished out of Geelong in her early years.

Custodian: Captain Dyson; 1960s
At a later date, Binny was sighted by Dugga at Williamstown when she was owned by Captain Dyson who conducted river cruises on the Yarra River, Melbourne.

Custodian: Dugga Beazley; 1981 – Early 2000s
A few years later, circa 1981 – 1982, Dugga came across Binny in Kororoit Creek, a watercourse that runs through the western suburbs of Melbourne into Port Phillip. A storm had caused untold damage: her deck was stripped, her hull was opened up, her keel was eaten by worms, she was covered in pipis and she was blocking the flow of the creek. After cleaning her, Dugga floated Binny over to Port Melbourne where he and his mate Charlie Strong installed her in Dugga’s backyard for repairs. To build her new keel they salvaged a 30 foot length of Red Gum cut from one of the old wharves on the Yarra River, Melbourne.

In the next phase of Binny’s life, the mid to late 1980s, Dugga loaned her to Steve Turner who moored her at Williamstown. The boat was apparently utilised regularly by Steve and his wife, as numerous photos taken at the time have appeared on Dugga’s Facebook page: ‘Dugga Beazley’s Wooden Boat Heaven.’

Custodian: Unknown; Early 2000s
In the early 2000s, Dugga sold Binny. Her new owner moored her at the Anchorage Marina. It is known that he and his wife were out in her every weekend until tragically, he met with a fatal accident. After his death, the boat was sold and kept on a mooring near the Public Works Department in Williamstown, Melbourne.

Custodian: Tony Bowles; Mid 2000s – 2018
Some years later Binny was purchased by Tony Bowles who berthed her at Western Port Marina in Hastings until November 2018 when she sank in the marina.

Custodian: Dugga Beazley; 2018 – Present
Again, Binny came into Dugga Beazley’s possession and was returned to his backyard in Port Melbourne for badly needed repairs. She remains in his possession and is moored at St Kilda Boat Harbour, Melbourne.

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