Catch a Fish and Cook it! Registrations Open

Annual Couta Boat Fishing Day

You racers are in trouble now…. Bring on the real Couta-er’s

Most tournaments are won based on the highest overall weight of your livewell. In bass tournaments, for example, the standard limit is 5 fish and they must measure at least 12 inches. As tournament anglers catch larger fish, they cull the smallest one in their livewell and release it back into the lake.It’s an event where fishermen compete (fish) against one another during an allotted period of time (usually 8 hours). Tournaments typically start at first light and last from 6 to 10 hours, depending on the time of the year and the organization holding the event. One of the best tips is to use thee best surf fishing lures to attract more fishes.
Thermal undergarments, lined pants, sweatshirts, jackets and warm socks are also advisable, read more about the products available. Gloves are a must. On really cold days, I make sure to trade my baseball cap for a warm ski hat or ski mask. Finally, pack your rain gear and warm clothes for every tournament.

Sunday Jan 5 2014.

1000Hrs departure for SSCBC.
Return at 1400Hrs
Then on the Western lawn we’ll crank up a BYO “Eat what you catch” BBQ.

Email us your entry: or mail to PO BOX 258 Blairgowrie VIC 3942

Skippers Name:

Boat Name/Rego:

Type of Boat:


Registration closes December 20 2013

The best catch will be judged on the day, oh, and please note; no plastic, or Fibre Glass, your boat must be wooden.

Find an Entry form on the CBA website downloads page or click the link below.
Remember your Valid Fishing License and keep an eye on the weather.

CBA Catch a fish and cook it Final flyer


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