C119 Scoundrel

Sail Number C119
Location of Boat Sorrento
Owner’s Name Hayden Warszewski, Harold Warszewki
Built Year
Builder Lacco


Originally a Queenscliff fisher – went to Adelaide for Crays.
Sold to Rye fisherman and systematically pulled apart over 15 years – she was a garden kids ‘Cubby House’.
In 1997 John Alexander Snr and John Alexander started restoring her.

The following information has been provided by John Alexander in 2015.
“I am not sure of the year she was built, her original name was the “Phyliss” a womans of course.
Tim Phillips pointed us in her direction, we paid $1500 for a rotten hull, no centre case or transom or decks. So we made a plan and we had a shed built at our property in Whitehall Road to renovate her starting in September 1997 ready for a launch, Australia day 1998. A four month program.

My father, John Alexander Snr, was by then 65 years of age. He did his time after the war in Smiths Dock, Newcastle upon Tyne as a shipwright and later became the youngest superintendent in the P&O shipping company. His Boat building skills were prolific as were his knowledge of timber and traditional ,materials. We advertised in the local centre link for labour and employed two long term unemployed people to work with my father to rebuild the boat, me helping whenever real work let me.

Dad decided on a few things that made Scoundrel a fast boat:

1. A jig to make laminated deck beams which were tapered from front to centre to improve C of G

2. The deck would be 12 mm Marine ply with IROKO decking on top – this is lighter, and importantly makes a stiffer hull.

4. The centre case was made from MERBAU

5. New transom from King William pine.

6. Mast as per any other Couta.

7. Sails were chosen from at the time a non-traditional Couta boat maker, Gale & Rimmington, Sandringham, Vic (Mark Rimmington). The loft is now named “UK Sailmakers”

Scoundrel was launched on Australia Day 1998 and had a good racing record, at 25’ keeping up with and beating the larger boats, especially in lighter winds due to a large sail area for her size and light construction. Scoundrel had a mostly female crew as they presented much better company, on the eye and always had good sandwiches.

The crew from this Scoundrel still race together all over the World doing offshore racing and generated long friendships that endure.

In 2001 Scoundrel was relocated to Pittwater where we competed her in the Woody Point Wednesday classic boat races and at week ends, this lead the movement of Couta Boats into Sydney. A few years later she was sold to the current owners.”

John Alexander
The Boat House
Gardeners Bay
Tasmania 7112


Not much to say.

Race Record


Boat Measurement in Detail

C119 Scoundrel
Hull LOA 25′ 2″
FWD (Fwd Mastface Fwd Stem) 7′ 4″
AFT (Aft Mast Aft Transom) 17′ 5″
BOBSTAY to waterline 2″
Sails LP (Luff perpendicular) 15′ 6″
JIB 14′ 4″
MAIN 19′ 5″
Ballast Ballast Weight 1800kg
Engine Yanmar 30hp
Compliant YES