C118 Sorrento

Sail Number C118
Location of Boat Sorrento
Owner’s Name Ken Vaughan
Built Year 2000
Builder Tim Phillips at Wooden Boat Shop


Was built and owned by Robert Pitt, the owner of the Sorrento Hotel until 2009 and had a very colorful crew and enjoyable times on the water.  There is a nice photo of Sorrento hanging in the Sorrento Hotel.

Owned by Peter Gale (who tweaked the boat for speed) until Feb 2012.


Not much to say.

Race Record

C118 Sorrento has won many races at SSCBC


C118 Sorrento 1 small     C118 Sorrento 2 small     C118 Sorrento 5     C118 Sorrento 6    C118 Sorrento P Cup

Boat Measurement in Detail

C118 Sofrrento
Hull LOA 26′ 6 1/4″
FWD (Fwd Mastface Fwd Stem) 8′ 0″
AFT (Aft Mast Aft Transom) 18′ 1 1/2″
BOBSTAY to waterline 5″       measured
DRAFT AFT 2′ 11″
Sails LP (Luff perpendicular) 15′ 6″
JIB 215.7
MAIN 381.3
Ballast Ballast Weight
Engine Yanmar
Compliant YES